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industrial and rugged PROJECTS

Elcatech has completed successfully a series of projects with leading customers through professional execution and aggressive lead times. Following are references to several recent Elcatech's industrial/rugged Hardware/Software projects:

Rugged Managed Switch Platform 

  • Marvell's Bobcat DX4122 28-port Switch Architecture
  • Varies networking interfaces: 24 copper GbE, four 1G fiber (SFP), four 10G Fiber (SFP+) 
  • Fast bring up and delivery lead time 


             Rugged Compact 12 port Managed Switch Platform 

  • Marvell's Bobcat DX4122 12-port Switch Architecture
  • Compact form factor: 90mm x 65mm
  • Separate switch and interface board with rugged high speed board to board connectors

             Rugged Video/Data Optical Transceiver Platform 

  • Integrated Vitesse VSC7938 Managed Copper/fiber Switch
  • STM32F107 MCU for board control and external TCP/IP management
  • Two way proprietary communication over standard 1G SFP fibers:
    • Based on ALTERA's Cyclone IV SerDes direct SFP Optical module bidirectional channels
    • Dual PAL/NTSC Composite Video channels Mux/Demux (Video In to Fiber and Fiber to Video out)
    • RS422/Discrete IO over fiber Mux/Demux


  Rugged Ethernet Media Converter and General Purpose Optical
Transceiver Platform  
  • Marvell's 88E6086 GbE Media Converter (Copper to SFP Fiber)
  • General purpose fiber communication channels (STM32M0 MCU controlled)
  • Class 3 military grade design

         Rugged FPGA Based XMC Module  

  • ARIAII GX FPGA based multiprotocol high density, multilayer communication platform
  • PLX PCIe to PCI-X bridge
  • Compliant with VITA VPX XMC module standard
  • Varies communication interfaces: SerDes, ECL, RS422
  • Class 3 military grade design

   VITA VPX compliant communication backplane  

  • VITA VPX standard compliant multilayer high speed backplane
  • Varies high speed interfaces: SATA, PCIe, DVI, USB, GbE SerDes     



    VITA 62 VPX Compliant Complete Fully Custom System 

  • 20 layer high speed 9 slot backplane (6 VPX and 3 proprietary)
  • Varies high speed interfaces: SATA, PCIe gen2, DVI, USB, LVDS and GbE SerDes
  • Several avionics interfaces: MILSTD-1553 x 4, ARINC429
  • Three complex modules: PCIe/Ethernet/UART Switch, IO module and active high density front panel
  • Custom FPGA based VPX test module for VPX compliant slots validation (PCIe, Etherenet, IOs, Power etc)                                             


  Fully Custom Ethernet/PCIe/UART Switch Module 

  • 10 port PCIe Gen2 x4 switch (PLX's PEX8648 based)
  • 10 port GbE SerDes Ethernet switch (Marvell's 88E6185 based)
  • 8 port PCIe to UART bridge
  • High density proprietary backplane interface

Fully Custom Communications IO Module

  • Arinc-429 and MIL-STD-1553 ports
  • Multi LVDS, RS422 and UART ports
  • DVI and USB interfaces
  • PCIe to PCI-X bridge (PEX8112)
  • ALTERA's Cyclone IV FPGA firmware development

Rugged Airborne Switch and Computing Platform

  • Custom carrier for two Type-6 Com express SBCs
  • High speed multi-layer Class 3 PCB with rugged board to board interfaces for add-ons and interfaces
  • Integrated 12 port managed Ethernet Switch (Marvell DX4122 based)
  • Arinc, RS422, Discrete and CANBUS ports
  • SBCs interfaces: DVI, USBs, UARTs etc
  • Elcatech's Full turnkey project: design, layout and production

Rugged USB3 Mass Storage Module

  • 128GB Dual Raid USB3/USB2 compliant mass storage device
  • Extremely compact (30mm x 20mm), wide temp range (-40 to 85degc)
  • High read/write rates of ~80MB/s at USB3
  • Support in advanced user configurable firmware feature (e.g. secure erase)

Rugged 9 port Ethernet Switch OEM Module

  • Vittese VSC7428 based layer2 managed Ethernet Switch OEM module
  • Rugged module (48mm x 105mm), wide temp range (-40 to 85degc)
  • 8 GbE copper ports + 1 SFP fiber port
  • Demo/EVB carrier board

Rugged Video Processing and Motor Control Unit

  • TI DM6437 DSP / ST STM32F42x based video processing and motor control board
  • DDRII and NOR Flash
  • Varies system interfaces: Composite Video In/Out, multiple COM ports, sensors, multiple PWMs etc
  • Power and interface backplane board
  • Navigation add-on board
  • Elcatech's full turnkey project: HW design, Layout, Production, SW BSP and integration

Rugged Processing and Communication Control Unit

  • ST's STM32F7 ARM Cortex M7 based MCU
  • Memory peripherals: SDRAM and Parallel NOR Flash
  • Other MCU peripherals: IMU and GPS
  • 8 external RS232/RS422 communication interfaces

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